What are we representing

Lithuanian Federation of trade unions of agricultural workers was established on March 2, 1990 as a voluntary, free and independent organization.

The main goal of the federation is to represent and depend professional, labour and economic rights and interests in signing collective agreements with the Government, ministries, employers and their organizations.

Members of the Federation are: 110 professional, industrial, territorial and other agricultural unions, unions of other industries, and their associations. There are 8035 members of the trade unions in the federation.

Structure of Federation

  • Members of Trade Unions;
  • Trade Unions;
  • Congress;
  • National Council;
  • Presidium;
  • Staff;
  • Youth and Women Commisions;
  • Bases of Leisure of the Pupils;


1. Participation in International Trade Unions:

  • European Trade Unions Federatios of Foof Agricultural, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers Associaltions (IUF).

2. Participation in following Centres, Councils and Commissions:

  • Lithuanian Trade Unions Confederation;
  • Trade Unions Property Council;
  • Proffesional Education Council;
  • Commisions of Trade Unions Integration to EU;

3. Coordination activities of Trade Unions and members;

4. Educational training of Trade Union members;

5. Provision information for the members of Trade Unions in legislative, social affairs.